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About StudioPrague – well recognized Glamour Productions & Workshops

StudioPrague – well recognized
Glamour Productions & Workshops

Productions: Where the glamour begins…

StudioPrague acts as dedicated photo & video service hub and offers a wide range of Glamour and Nude Photography Workshops, manages Glamour Productions, provides a comprehensive infrastructure and supports you with well-founded industry know-how and expertise.

Glamour Productions: Whatever your quality and/or project size demands, we can put together a custom-tailored solution for you – also in cooperation with local partners – and provide models and casting support if required.

We work together with well-proven model agencies, bookers, make-up artists, stylists, boutiques, photographers and producers.

StudioPrague is Swiss-managed and headed by photographer Dan Hostettler (

StudioPrague’s partner studios are located in and near to Prague city center.

Keeping friendly long-term relations with all our customers and partners is of great value and importance to us.

If you have a campaign or a project execution in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We offer free consultation in which we determine how we can make things possible for you.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops

A lot of beginners, semi-pros and pros have attended our private lessons, courses and master classes in order to learn how we work with lighting and posing. They also studied our famous glamour secrets in our partner studio and “on location”.

Each of our workshop lessons presents a variety of creative solutions complete with lighting diagrams, metering, technical information, glamorous beauty lighting, posing, directing, composition, special strobe and reflector equipment, make-up and photo shoots.

If you are a photo enthusiast or professional photographer and nothing arouses your senses more than a beautiful model in front of your camera, our workshops give you the great opportunity to work with stunning models and professional instructors in a partnered, large professional photo studio. Take the beautiful pictures you always wanted while improving your production skills as well as your portfolio.

Gather real experience on Glamour and Nude Photo Sessions! Where Glamour begins... Where Glamour begins... Where Glamour begins... Where Glamour begins...

Photo Lighting & Glamour Model Posing Guides (ebooks, PDF) with Jenni Czech
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