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Nude Photography: Private Workshop (EduShoot)

Course Level

Our private workshop, called “EduShoot”, is a learning workshop and was created for one simple reason: TO TEACH YOU.

Act now. Get in touch with the Glamour & Nude Photography. Improve your portfolio.

The purpose of this personnel EduShoot is to teach you directly and deeply how to catch amazing images time after time and how to get in touch with the Glamour Industry.

By diving deeper into the knowledge of applying these techniques, you can rest assured that you will not only leave our premises with a greater understanding of photography itself, but with a new and greater appreciation of the Art of Photography.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationCourse Topics

  • Legal advice: Talking about “18 USC 2257 Concerns for Photographers”, age verification, recordkeeping etc.
  • Staging: Artistic elements of staging including the usage of room/studio space, outdoor arrangements, lighting and props.
  • Basic & advanced lighting and direction: Exploring lighting techniques and developing the creative brief with more precision by means of set and model direction. Lighting includes flash-lights, reflectors, available light & mixed lighting.
  • Make-up & styling: Discover the secrets of a photo make-up. Our make-up artist will give you practical advice, constructive feedback and answer any make-up queries you may have. We will also have a brief talk about glamour-styling and appropriate accessories.
  • The shootings: Focusing in on how to direct the model and create the synergy between subject and photographer – the essence of quality nude and glamour photography. All participants will have an opportunity to develop their skills one-on-one with a professional model.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationYour Motivation is…

  • to jump into a new field of photography!
  • to build up/enhance your portfolio.
  • to learn and improve all basics, rules, tips, forms and secrets about the Glamour and Nude photography.
  • to see behind the scenery of this industry in reality.
  • to enjoy the privacy in a private workshop.
  • to meet industry pros & business opportunities.
  • to learn how to handle models & adjust production performance.
  • to inquire all necessary knowledge in a short time.
  • and last but not least: to get great results and outstanding in-depth education while participating in a fun but yet tough course.

“The level of professionalism and dedication will not disappoint anyone interested in taking their photography in this field to another level. As a reasonably experienced amateur photographer with a couple of workshops under my belt I learned a lot more about studio and on location lighting, angles and posing models.”
Niclas Lövkvist, Stockholm (Sweden), Private EduShoot Course Participant | 2 days
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Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Course StructureCourse Structure Private 2 Day EduShoot: Glamour & Nude Photography

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationThe Package

  • 2 days. Dates upon request.
  • Studio Workshop/EduShoot – Flash- & Daylight Lighting
  • Prague, Czech Republic, Photo Studio
  • 2 models (1 model per day)
  • 1 make-up artist
  • 1 instructor/supervisor for these 2 days
  • all styling attributes & accessories for the models
  • Self-Promotional Model Releases
  • Lunch/snacks/drinks for the whole workshop duration
  • EduShoot Handout materials
  • See yourself in action – receive backstage footage content

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationDates

This private EduShoot has flexible dates and can be booked according to your schedule.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - PricingThe Check

  • 2 Days | 1 Participant | Photo Studio | 2 models | EUR 3’650.00
  • + 1 additional model | + EUR 450.00
  • + “on location” package, 1 day | + EUR 300.00

Photo Lighting & Glamour Model Posing Guides (ebooks, PDF) with Jenni Czech
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