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“Mastering the Secrets of Camera-Friendly Poses” | Master Class

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Glamour photography is already enough of a challenge. But coupled with proper lighting, exposure, external elements… it turns into an endless list of possibilities.

You have a lot to think about during a shoot. As important as these elements are, they pale in comparison to making your model look the best she can.

Model Direction, Body Dynamics, Posing Control, Freeform Shooting Posing Basics - Head and Shoulders, Leg Position, Head Tilt & Body at an Angle to the Camera

Posing Basics - Head and Shoulders, Leg Position, Head Tilt & Body at an Angle to the Camera

One of a photographer’s most important skill sets for creating glamour photographs is the knowledge of how to pose models. When working with models, it is essential to develop an understanding of posing techniques to assist your model. And before you start posing a model you should also consider how and where the photos are going to be used.

This intensely focused and very unique workshop is designed for amateur, emerging and established professional photographers who are looking for the challenge and individuality in posing and directing models to the next level of their craft in the field of Beauty, Glamour or Nude pictures. Posing Basics - Body at an Angle to the Camera, Turn Away from the Main Light, Posture & Arms and the Triangle Base

Posing Basics - Body at an Angle to the Camera, Turn Away from the Main Light, Posture & Arms and the Triangle Base

An inexperienced photographer might find it very difficult to properly direct a model for great poses that will enhance the model’s presentation, showing her best face and figure and most importantly convey the photographer’s message. Here you can find some resources which can really come in handy when you are shooting in a studio/outdoor with your models.
It is one thing to make a perfect model look good – but use the same kinds of poses on average people and you will end up with a portrait that simply is not flattering at all.

In this course, a professional and well known Ballet Teacher/Choreographer supports us in theory and practice.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationYour Motivation

  • Have you ever grown stiff right when posing starts? That moment when your mind stopped and you asked yourself: ”Now what? Where should I begin?”
  • Posing begins with the body… so let us forget everything else and focus your attention on the body in a new light… a shadow! A shadow devoid of detail. No buttons, no bows, no pockets. Simply start to think of the body in terms of its silhouette…

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Course TopicsCourse Topics

  • Analyzing the lines of the body and its posture while discovering posing possibilities and methods that easily communicate the pose that you want to see your model in.
  • No matter what angle, still position or motion you wish to photograph your model from, you can apply these techniques to head shots, 3/4 shots and full length shots. This workshop will suggest every pose any photographer would ever need.
  • Learn about ways to use props in order to assist your model in posing and how to coordinate the background, pose and clothing selection for professional-looking results.
  • How to compose your pictures with strong diagonal lines. This is pleasing to the eye and can bring the camera closer to the model.
  • How to analyze a models best and poorest features and use that knowledge to your shooting advantage.
  • Placement of arms is often a dilemma for both model and photographer, esp. when the model is a beginner. We show you how to effectively use props and interact with the model.
  • Shoot the model in different sets under supervision.
  • Shoot the model by yourself.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Course StructureCourse Structure Private 2 day Masterclass: *Posing Secrets* in Glamour & Nude Photography

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - The PackageThe Package

  • 2 days. 8 hours a day. Dates upon request.
  • Advanced Posing Secrets for Glamour & Nude Photography
  • One-on-one Private or Semi Private Lessons
  • Prague, Czech Republic, Photo Studio / abroad lessons near to you are a subject of discussion and welcome
  • 2 models in total (1 model per day)
  • 1 make-up artist for 2 days
  • 2 Mentors/Instructors for this 2 days
  • all styling attributes & accessories for the models
  • Self-Promotional Model Releases
  • Lunch/snacks/drinks for the whole workshop duration
  • Master Class Handout materials
  • See yourself in action – receive backstage footage content

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationDates

This master class has flexible dates and can be booked according to your schedule.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - PricingThe Check

  • 2 Days | 1 Participant | Photo Studio | 2 models | EUR 3’850.00
  • + 1 additional model | + EUR 450.00
  • + “on location” package, 1 day | + EUR 300.00

Photo Lighting & Glamour Model Posing Guides (ebooks, PDF) with Jenni Czech
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