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“Mastering the Light – Lighting the Nude” | Master Class

Course Level

Are you ready to lift your lighting skills up to the next level?

Light is light… or is it not? Light is the very essence in which a photographer paints an image. Without light, you have nothing. Have you ever wondered why some images are magical and some just fall flat? Have you ever tried to make magical images yourself but failed miserably because you do not understand the concept of light?

The focus of this course is set to get out the utmost of:

  • Lighting essentials
  • Hot Shoe Flash photography – on or off the camera
  • Small Strobes, Big Results – use your built-in flash effectively
  • Combined internal & external flashes – create the best possible flashes for your Glamour and Nude shots
  • Controlled available light situations (daylight, artificial light)
  • Influenced lighting setups with modifiers, reflectors etc.

You will receive 15 completely different lighting setups that can be modified to suit your needs. Two professional fully styled nude models will be joining the sets.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationYour Motivation

  • Want to understand light as an emotion?
  • Learn simple set-ups for amazing images.
  • Learn to control light and not let light control you.
  • Enhance your lighting skills and work like a Pro.

  • Learn all about the combination of flashlight, available light, reflectors, modifiers etc.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationCourse Topics

  • The heart of this course consists of comprehensive details regarding the use of Studio Lighting, Scrims, Reflectors, Flags, and Modifiers for better lighting results.
  • Studio and mixed lighting demonstrations – eight primary lighting setups with variations, featuring strip banks, strobes, and Studio Reflector Equipment – lead to a complete understanding of how combinations of tools result in a more exciting photography experience. It is always easier to just light with a big soft box, but it is so much more rewarding to understand the light, and a lot more fun to control the light with modifiers, shapers, great grip, quality equipment, and precision performance.
  • Controlling your background is a part of photography that can be tricky to master. We will take the guesswork out of this by demonstrating how to cut and add light for both low and high key, dramatic lighting and soft-glamour. And why not add some color? We will show you some “colorful” ways to spice up your backgrounds with gels and accessories.

  • Principles of Lighting
  • Mobile Lighting for Outdoor
  • Three-Quarter Lighting
  • Mixed light – Playboy style
  • Rembrandt Lighting
  • Mixed light – Art Nude
  • Split Lighting
  • Shooting Continuous Light
  • Paramount Lighting
  • Soft Light in the Middle of the Day
  • Loop Lighting
  • Fashion Style
  • Basic Glamour Portrait
  • Mixed light – Progressive
  • Full Length Glamour Portraits
  • Shapes & Figures
  • Advanced Glamour Lighting: High Key
  • Correct white balance
  • Light Feathering
  • Incident Metering

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Course StructureCourse Structure Private 2 day Masterclass: *Mastering the Light* in Glamour & Nude Photography

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - The PackageThe Package

  • 2 days. 8 hours a day. Dates upon request.
  • Advanced Lighting for Glamour & Nude Photography
  • One on one in Private or Semi Private Lessons
  • Prague, Czech Republic, Photo Studio & Outdoor Location / abroad lessons near to you are a subject of discussion and welcome
  • 2 models in total (1 model per day)
  • 1 make-up artist for 2 days
  • 2 mentors/instructors for this 2 days
  • all styling attributes & accessories for the models
  • Self-Promotional Model Releases
  • Lunch/snacks/drinks for the whole workshop duration
  • Master Class Handout materials
  • See yourself in action – receive backstage footage content

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - Your MotivationDates

This master class has flexible dates and can be booked according to your schedule.

Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops - PricingThe Check

  • 2 Days | 1 Participant | Photo Studio | 2 models | EUR 3’950.00
  • + 1 additional model | + EUR 450.00
  • + “on location” package, 1 day | + EUR 300.00

Photo Lighting & Glamour Model Posing Guides (ebooks, PDF) with Jenni Czech
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