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Private Glamour & Nude Photography Workshops with Dan Hostettler

The Sound of Glamour: Learn & Create

Enjoy your privacy by participating in an individual and highly exclusive course.

A Once In A Lifetime Adventure

Getting into the exciting world of Beauty, Glamour and Nude Photography can be fun, enjoyable and a wonderful adventure. All you need is the right mentors, trainers, friends and guidance.

Our Glamour and Nude Workshops are intensive courses with theoretical and practical training.
During the workshop you will receive specialized “hands on” training to help you greatly improve your photographic skills and achieve the results you demand.

“I attended the 1 on 1 Master Workshop to learn more on the kind of lighting and composition of a typical shoot but what I got is more than I expected it was BETTER, I can say it exceeded my expectation.”
Mike Sy, Philippines, Private VIP 1on1 Master Class Workshop Participant | 4 days

You will be working with professional photographers, models, lighting, make-up, styling etc. and discover new techniques and industry secrets.

Your Private Customized Workshop for 1 to 4 Days

There are many reasons why our clients choose a private workshop:

DISCRETION: We take your privacy seriously. Private workshops afford a level of discretion required by many of our clients. It’s just you with the instructors/mentor, the models and a small production team. That’s it.
CUSTOMIZATION: Your workshop experience is specifically tailored toward your desires, needs and skill level.
TIME: Without several participants there is much more time to shoot, learn and visit the specific areas of your interest.
MODELS: Last but not least the models will only be focusing on you! Need we say more?

Private Workshops: Overall it’s a more luxurious and relaxed experience while at the same time maintaining a professional pace.

EduShoots (2 days)

An EduShoot is a private 2 day learning workshop. EduShoots are where the REAL learning begins!

Our EduShoot workshop was solely created for this one very simple reason:


Over the past few years, we have noticed that pretty much everyone offers so-called “workshops”. However, at these “workshops” there is little to no instruction provided, just people shooting models without any directions.
We strived to change that negative image and established our state of the art and one-of-a-kind workshop, where YOUR education actually IS the number one priority!

Interested? Here you can find further details about the 2-day EduShoot Workshop.

Premium Master Classes (3 & 4 days)

Our master classes are modular structured but at the same time very flexible. The trainings, coaching and mentoring programs are tailored to meet your needs – no two are the same.

These lessons are offered for either one or a maximum of two photographers with similar goals who wish to work together.

You will learn the photographic strategies needed to make your work stand out from the crowd. The education phase will be followed by 2 or 3 days “hands-on” training and intensive shooting with Pro Glamour Models and Stylists.

Working shoulder by shoulder with our sparring partners, you will learn the secrets, tips and tricks to create your own glamour portfolio, keep it fresh and updated, in order to become the one that will be chosen by the client over everybody else’s.

Think this is for you? Then you can find more details about the 3-day Premium Master Classes right here.

Flexible Course Offerings: Dates & Modules

All our workshops and master classes offers a wide range of topics on private level. Your workshop experience is specifically tailored toward your desires, needs and skill level.

Further we are happy to offer you any individual program (topics, amount of participants) on your request and needs.

You are a Beginner, Advanced or Professional? – We Highly Welcome You ALL! Create your own Glamour, Prague, Czech Republic

Our workshops are designed to accommodate different levels of experience, from beginners to professionals.

If photography is your hobby, then these workshops are a perfect chance to enjoy your hobby with like-minded people, learn new skills in a relaxed environment and produce the kind of results that will make you love your hobby even more. We support and guide you step by step through each of our workshops so you will never feel left out or left behind.

For advanced photographers our workshops are designed to help you take your photography up to the next level and vary your current style. At the end of it, you will have an increased understanding of subjects like workflow, working with models, achieving the kind of images you dream of, and what it really takes to get there. Create your own Glamour, Prague, Czech Republic

In case you are still unsure about your skills and level of proficiency, please contact us with a short summary of your previous photography experience and it will be our pleasure to help you choose a suitable workshop course for you.

From beginners to seasoned pros: Nobody leaves our workshops without having learned something new! They will be equipped with new techniques that enable them to start their next shooting with replenished energy which enables them to produce even more amazing shots than ever before.

Photo Lighting & Glamour Model Posing Guides (ebooks, PDF) with Jenni Czech
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