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Why Shooting Glamour Models Is Fun – Nude Photography Workshops

Why Shooting Glamour Models Is Fun – Nude Photography Workshops

Nude Photography Workshops for Beginners and Intermediate

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How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional

You know there are many jobs and careers in the world today. Glamour and nude photography probably isn’t the first one you think of unless you have passion for photography. But there are careers out there that can be very rewarding in both the financial world and still provide satisfaction and fun every day working hard.

At the top of the list for me is producing glamour and nude photographs. There are very few occupations that allow a person to work with beautiful women in an artistic, creative endeavor. When everything clicks within the photo shoot it is really fun and especially gratifying. That’s just one of the reasons that glamor photography is a career that people think is too good to be true. Lucky, hardworking photographers do it everyday and you can too. All you need is a little skill, which you can get with training in a nude photography workshop and a love of photography.

Satisfaction & ‘on location’ shoots

Obviously becoming a professional glamour or nude photographer takes a lot of effort. First you’ll need the skill to produce beautiful photography in a wide variety of settings ranging for studio work to ‘on location’ productions. You’ll need a certain confidence that you can produce a great photograph in the worst situation and with the right training you’ll have the skills to come through every time. The satisfaction of knowing how to do this will add to the existing levels of fun for the successful glamour photographer whether they are working for Vogue or Playboy or any other client.

It probably goes without saying that the best part of any fun career is the people you get to work with on a daily basis. You’ll be glad you committed yourself to your training in a nude photography workshop when you get up everyday to work with a new beautiful, talented model, a great make up artist, your loyal assistant and any other members of the team needed for a specific photo assignment.

Of course producing beautiful images satisfies your artistic side but if you’re still at the hobby level wouldn’t you like to know how to make money so you can treat photography like a business. Exciting idea isn’t it? If you choose to make this your goal it is a great idea to find a place that can give you a behind the scenes look and hands on training in the industry. If you persevere and learn from professionals there will be nothing to hold you back from realizing your dreams of making a living as a glamour photographer.

Start here: Nude Photography Workshops with StudioPrague

Sure it will be hard work but nothing like clocking in at the same office for the same long day…day after day. You’ll be able to have a different creative project almost everyday. You won’t be able to wait to get started when you jump out of bed each morning. Each model and client will most likely be different from the last you worked with so no two jobs will really be exactly alike so each will be there own adventure. Picture a day of beauty, creativity, collaborative teamwork, fun and adventure.

Who wouldn’t want to earn a living doing that?

Book tip

Guerrilla Glamour by Jimmy D.

  • Guerrilla Glamour
  • Author: Jimmy D, Pretty Girl Shooter
  • The Marketing: Why Guerrilla Glamour? While one person might be shooting with the latest-and-greatest and the next is shooting with more commonly-seen gear, guess what? The one with the ordinary equipment is, often enough, just as likely to capture photos as good or better than the gear-head with all the really neat and expensive photo-toys.
    • Develop winning tactical strategies to simplify your production
    • Arm yourself with the gear you need
    • Train to adapt to all kinds of situations
    • Engage viewers with simple yet compelling lighting styles
    • Gain rapport with models: win hearts and minds
    • Put into action Ten Simple Steps
    • Realize there are no Secrets of the Pros
  • Chapters: 9
  • Pages: 100
  • Medium: PDF
  • StudioPrague’s impression: FORMIDABLE! First of all: Great fun to read; Jimmy’s language and thoughts are refreshing.
    Fully packed with real world tips, no fluff and not a word of Chinese! This guide for newcomers provides you with solid access to the glamour/nude shooting scene. “Pretty Girl Shooter” Jimmy has it all: Life experience, infinite production know-how, a vast variety of shooting practice and a good sense of humor. And this guide’s price is a steal!
  • Nudity: Yes
  • Price: $9.95


SKIN - The Complete Guide to Glamour & Nude Photography

  • SKIN – The Complete Guide to Glamour & Nude Photography
  • Author: Michael Charles
  • The Marketing: SKIN is a beautifully designed eBook containing 50 chapters that detail every aspect of the world of glamour and nude photography. It also features 65 sexy, razor-sharp images that were chosen specifically to illustrate various photo techniques.
  • Chapters: 7 sections
  • Pages: 164
  • Bonus: Quick Start Guide “Making Money with Glamour”, Video “Pics that Click”
  • Medium: PDF
  • StudioPrague’s impression: Written in the photographers own (easy) language this guide gives a great first overview about all aspects related to glamour & nude photography. And all of this expressed in a clear and informative way . However, we are missing more photos and definitely any kind of lighting diagrams. After all, the guide is nicely edited for a PDF in our industry.
  • Nudity: Yes
  • Price: $29


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