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Nude Photography Business Today

Nude Photography Business Today

A New Look at Private Nude Photography Clients

As it is well known among all, the nude photography business is the genre with the most cutthroat competition. With the recent advent in the technology with digital cameras, continued expansion is in play here.

As it grows even more, the streams of earning money is reducing for aspiring photographers. This makes reaping monetary benefits out of your work is getting harder than ever.

What are the challenges which one might face in the nude photography business?

The internet is chock-a-bloc with nude photography and competing photographers. This is where the remaining of the nude photographers is rooting for their money. Most of these nude photographers are turning to the internet for their monthly income.

The days of fashion magazines and glossy prints are long gone. But even in the face of this situation nude photography as a business is overrun by competitors. So in order to make it big, you will have to stand out in the crowd as a photographer.

Do private photo shoots provide an underestimated stream of income?

Most of the clients pay to hire a photographer. If they did not want something in return why would they do that in the first place? To understand you will need to look at nude photography with a different perspective.

Some of these clients don’t like to show their pictures to everyone. They will rather show these pictures to their closest friends. These pictures provide them with a feel good factor. This is a way of remembering their passing stardom. You need to keep this aspect in mind if you want to become a nude photographer. If you approach this field of photography in the appropriate way, this will give you the revenue you so desire. However, there are some things you have to keep in mind when you are dealing with these clients. If you take a photo badly, it might ruin your reputation for good.

Most of these clients get their pictures taken in order to boost their feelings of self esteem. If you take a single bad picture, you might run the risk of undoing all their confidence builds up in a single go. These pictures are used to build the self-esteem of these people. So you might want to keep this in mind and treat them differently from how you treat other clients. They should feel pampered and welcome in your presence. That is exactly the kind of treatment they are looking forward to experience.

Exploring New Markets

If you look at the larger picture, the income rates for photographers practicing nude photography is going down. The clients and business are growing scarce and things are becoming more and more difficult. These aspects are making it harder to cash on to this feature. Nude photography has been among the first few genres of photography to embrace and march on towards them. This has also been among the first to embrace the change in attitude towards boudoir and nude photography.

If you keep these aspects in mind you will be able to do wonders in this style of photography.

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Book tip

Guerrilla Glamour by Jimmy D.

  • Guerrilla Glamour
  • Author: Jimmy D, Pretty Girl Shooter
  • The Marketing: Why Guerrilla Glamour? While one person might be shooting with the latest-and-greatest and the next is shooting with more commonly-seen gear, guess what? The one with the ordinary equipment is, often enough, just as likely to capture photos as good or better than the gear-head with all the really neat and expensive photo-toys.
    • Develop winning tactical strategies to simplify your production
    • Arm yourself with the gear you need
    • Train to adapt to all kinds of situations
    • Engage viewers with simple yet compelling lighting styles
    • Gain rapport with models: win hearts and minds
    • Put into action Ten Simple Steps
    • Realize there are no Secrets of the Pros
  • Chapters: 9
  • Pages: 100
  • Medium: PDF
  • StudioPrague’s impression: FORMIDABLE! First of all: Great fun to read; Jimmy’s language and thoughts are refreshing.
    Fully packed with real world tips, no fluff and not a word of Chinese! This guide for newcomers provides you with solid access to the glamour/nude shooting scene. “Pretty Girl Shooter” Jimmy has it all: Life experience, infinite production know-how, a vast variety of shooting practice and a good sense of humor. And this guide’s price is a steal!
  • Nudity: Yes
  • Price: $9.95


SKIN - The Complete Guide to Glamour & Nude Photography

  • SKIN – The Complete Guide to Glamour & Nude Photography
  • Author: Michael Charles
  • The Marketing: SKIN is a beautifully designed eBook containing 50 chapters that detail every aspect of the world of glamour and nude photography. It also features 65 sexy, razor-sharp images that were chosen specifically to illustrate various photo techniques.
  • Chapters: 7 sections
  • Pages: 164
  • Bonus: Quick Start Guide “Making Money with Glamour”, Video “Pics that Click”
  • Medium: PDF
  • StudioPrague’s impression: Written in the photographers own (easy) language this guide gives a great first overview about all aspects related to glamour & nude photography. And all of this expressed in a clear and informative way . However, we are missing more photos and definitely any kind of lighting diagrams. After all, the guide is nicely edited for a PDF in our industry.
  • Nudity: Yes
  • Price: $29


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