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Nude Photography: How to Be a Great Nude Photographer
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Nude Photography: How to Be a Great Nude Photographer

Profession & Hobby: Be a Nude Photographer

© Guest article by Lopez Alvarez

Nude photography is a sexy yet romantic form of photography with the aim of depicting your subject or model in a very erotic way. It is not intended to endorse any clothes or a certain product. Its sole intent is to sell the model itself.

It is the type of photography used by movie stars, ramp models, and actresses all these years. If you want to excel in this type of photography, you must be aware of its core to be able to bring out the very best in your subject.

Nude Photography by Dan Hostettler - StudioPrague owner & Professional Photographer

Nude Photography by Dan Hostettler – StudioPrague Mentor & Professional Photographer – Join a 2 Day Private Course

Nude photography may touch on glamour shots as well. Being sultry and sensual is a given in this art form. But despite the fact that it may require taking the model’s clothes off, it is very important that you do not show your model in a pornographic way. The first requirement of being a nude photographer is to be tasteful. Every shot should be done with experience and skill. Your pictures should look professional and classy in every way. Eroticism is the very element of nude shots. The models should be suggestive and seductive.

Never cross or touch the boundaries of pornography

But the shots should never cross or touch the boundaries of pornography. To be a great nude photographer, you should be imaginative but reserved. Playing with your model in your mind is necessary. But you must do it in a professional way so she won’t look like a trash in her shots. She has to be depicted as a girl with elegance and style.

Being a very sexy woman with her dignity intact should be the first impression of anybody who sees her in that particular pose. Nude photography is not an easy feat. It is definitely hard to portray a girl – a very beautiful and sexy one at that – in her most revealing pose but not go overboard. It is very simple to attain the erotic essence of nude photography. You simply ask the model to take her clothes off and smile in front of the camera. But things aren’t done that way at all.

Nude Photography by Dan Hostettler - StudioPrague owner & Professional Photographer

Nude Photography by Dan Hostettler – StudioPrague Mentor & Professional Photographer – Join a 2 Day Private Course

Be a great nude photographer

Nude photography is all about giving texture and mood to every shot. Nude photography requires years to master. It is quite difficult to take a shot of a girl with her entire body exposed without making her look like a man’s slave. Yet it is doable. You can take a picture of a lady with no clothes on and make her look like a goddess instead of a woman who sells her body for a change.

Adult photography comes in many forms. And it is what nude photography is all about. The escorts industry has a great need for these photographers. There’s a big window of opportunity for this kind of expertise in London, NYC, Los Angeles, Paris etc.

If you know a lot about photography, try being a nude photographer and see if you’ve got the talent that it takes. Be a great nude photographer by considering every curve and every bump of your female model. Find everything beautiful about her, both from the inside and out. Bring out the best in her. Let your camera speak about what a great package she really is.

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SKIN - The Complete Guide to Glamour & Nude Photography

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