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Fine Nude Art Workshops with Olga Zavershinskaya

Fine Art Nude Workshops with Olga Zavershinskaya

We are delighted to announce a new gem in our private workshop series: High Class Fine Art Nude Workshops with Olga Zavershinskaya

Nude Art Photography - Emotions & Expressions - StudioPrague with Olga Zavershinskaya
This two day intensive course is dedicated to fine art nude photography. It is open for everybody who has a passion to photography and art nude in particular and interested in my working methods and tricks.

The main goal of the workshop is to show and explain the entire process and techniques needed for creation of significant art nude images, to share personal experience and to give an opportunity to apply the knowledge on practice, which is the best way of learning.

The course is suitable for photographers of all levels: from beginners to professionals. This is a hands on workshop and theory part is minimized. All important aspects and details are integrated in the working process throughout the two days.

Abstract Nude Photography - Bodyscapes - StudioPrague with Olga Zavershinskaya

Fine Nude Art Photo Workshops - Your MotivationTopics to choose from

  • Concept Nudes – e.g. working with paper, milk, oil, plastic wrap, net, gel, etc
  • Abstract Nudes – e.g. bodyscapes, body as an object, angles & perspectives, expressions, movement & emotions

Please note: All topics are subject to discussion before the actual workshop. You and Olga will work closely to develop and settle a theme before you arrive in Prague. We will prepare all necessary materials, outfits and props needed for the shoot.

Fine Nude Nude Photography - Photo Workshop - StudioPrague with Olga Zavershinskaya

Fine Nude Art Photo Workshops - Your MotivationCourse Topics

The workshop is divided into three parts: the first is theoretical part, which is dedicated to working methods and techniques. The second and the biggest part is practice. And the last but not least part is about digital workflow and post production.

  • Philosophy of Nude Art
    • Mainstream and art
    • Inspiration and idea
    • Personal vision and experience
  • Working with models
    • How to choose a model according to the shooting idea
    • Communication with models during the shooting
  • Working with light
    • Main light for your photo concept (soft, hard, copy of natural situation, special effects with main light, including para reflector effect and simulation with another reflectors)
    • Secondary lights. How many lights you need for your work
    • Effect and background lights
    • Combining flashlights with natural light/foyer, bulb and window light
    • Main mistakes with studio lights
  • Digital workflow and post production
    • How to select “the right” photo from the set
    • How to get a maximum from RAW
    • Masking, layers and channels
    • Manipulation techniques
    • Perfect skin and hair: retouching techniques
    • Creative tips and tricks

Concept Nudes - Geometry Nudes, Paper Nudes - StudioPrague with Olga Zavershinskaya

Fine Nude Art Photo Workshops - Course StructureCourse Structure

Day 1: Theory and Practice – (10.00-17.00)

  • Meet and greet session: Introduction of the lector, model, make-up artist
  • Philosophy of Nude Art (lecture and slide show)
  • Working on concept, developing the idea into the body of work
  • Communication and work with models I (lecture and practical demonstration)
  • Studio equipment I (lecture and practical demonstration)
  • Shooting I

Day 2: Shooting and Postproduction (10.00-17.00)

  • Communication and work with models I
  • Studio equipment II
  • Shooting II
  • Selecting and retouching of the photos created during the workshop (ca.2.5h)
  • Discussion & Wrap up

Nude Photography Workshops - body as an object - StudioPrague with Olga Zavershinskaya

Fine Nude Art Photo Workshops - Your MotivationThe Package

  • 2 days. Dates upon request. (1 day workshop upon request)
  • Studio Workshop – Flash-Lighting
  • Prague, Czech Republic, Photo Studio
  • 2 models (1 model per day)
  • 1 make-up artist
  • Olga as your mentor and supervisor for these 2 days
  • all styling attributes & accessories for the models
  • Self-Promotional Model Releases
  • Lunch/snacks/drinks for the whole workshop duration
  • Course documentation
  • See yourself in action – receive backstage footage content

Fine Nude Art Photo Workshops - Your MotivationDates

This private workshop has flexible dates and can be booked according to your schedule.

Fine Nude Art Photo Workshops - PricingThe Check

  • 2 Days | 1 Participant | Photo Studio | 2 models | EUR 3’650.00
  • + 1 additional model | + EUR 300.00
  • + “on location” package, 1 day | + EUR 250.00

About Olga

Olga Zavershinskaya, award winning fine art nude photographer and photoshop artistOlga Zavershinskaya is an award winning, worldwide published fine art nude photographer and Photoshop artist.

The basis of her work is an idea closely associated with the method of realization, emotional and aesthetic principles. The balance between concept and method of expression is the most significant characteristic of her work.

Olga combines lines, form and light scrutinized in order to convey the idea to the viewer, while keeping the aesthetics of visualization. One of the main topics of her work is the human body, its expression and perfection. Olga uses the human body as an instrument to manipulate and construct impressions, shapes and thoughts.

Fashion Nudes - Fabric Nude Photography - StudioPrague with Olga Zavershinskaya

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